As an instructor

  • Use Teaching.Codes in the classroom as an all-in-one teaching tool
  • Teach (using videos and animations), give online exams and projects, and also grade them automatically in minutes
  • Teach software engineering principles like unit testing, version control, and inline-documentation together while teaching coding
  • Teach programming using a professional tool like Eclipse rather than toy a IDE
  • Use the same platform while teaching all programming languages
  • Runs on Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux


As a student

  • Code and learn by using the lecture notes, examples, assignments, all through the same professional IDE
  • Access and experiment with the example of the instructor during class
  • Continue the example you left unfinished in class/lab when you go home
  • Develop and submit your assignments via Teaching.Codes
  • Use the environment you are familiar with during the exam
  • During the exams, verify your solution by using unit tests
  • Get a detailed report for each exam

Self learner

as A self-learner

  • Become a coder by yourself. 
  • Access all lecture notes and examples online or offline, whenever you have time
  • Learn actively: Verify if your own solution is correct or not using the automatic grader


as an institution

  • Increase the quality of education with active learning
  • Decrease the human resources dedicated for the course
  • Enable having larger audiences in the courses
  • Enable online testing in various sites
  • Faster and more fair grading with detailed reports for individual exams
  • Integrate new personnel to the instructing team easily

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